Color Publication

This publication consisting of 6 booklets shows the documentation of 4 different works. The works are based on the following themes:

  1. I’m not afraid of Bright and Pale Colors
  2. Color Conflict
  3. Color Makes Space
  4. Black and White as Color

The outcomes varied from installations to photo collages and were meant to function as an exploration into the use of color within my practise.

I would like to highlight the work Color Conflict.

Color Conflict:

In this work color represents the field of tension created between two beings. Two cut shapes -that clearly used to be one shape before- decided to move in the opposite direction.

The work consists of a heavy wooden circle (diameter:
1 meter) which is precisly cut in two but held together with the elastic bands. By taking away the elastic
bands one by one, the area of tension increases and
the composition gets more and more fragile.
In the end the two halfs fall apart.

2016 - Photos Color Conflict by Lorena van Bunningen

Color Makes Space:

I’m not afraid of Bright and Pale Colors: